A Simply Perfect Smile

lumineers-by-cerinate-logo-1024x409A life-changing new look is as easy as LUMINEERS®. No pain. No temporaries. Just a perfect, attractive smile that lasts—and a confident, new outlook on life.

LUMINEERS® provides protection and perfection. Highly durable and ultra-thin, LUMINEERS® are porcelain shields that bond directly to existing teeth for a natural-looking, attractive smile.

Because no painful removal of sensitive tooth structure is required, teeth are preserved behind a new, white smile. And that white smile is proven to last over 20 years!


Features of a LUMINEERS® Smile

  • Instant whitening and straightening that lasts
  • No shots, no drilling of sensitive tooth structure—so no pain!*
  • Proven to last over 20 years**
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty

Permanently and painlessly straighten, reshape and whiten your smile with LUMINEERS®.


Teeth decay cure. Tooth whitening. Before and after.


Teeth decay cure. Tooth whitening. Before and after.

*Individual cases may vary. Tooth contouring may be necessary.

**Research available upon request.